Tuesday, August 10, 2010

lemme upgrade ya

when i first bought my sewing machine in june i didnt know anything about sewing or machines so i had to buckle down and start my research online and price compare as i do with all my bigger purchases. my budget was around $100 and under. i also had to factor in chance that i might not love the purchase so a good return policy would be great too. i finally decided on the singer simple 2663 (the blue accents won be over) from the great walmart.

ive been sewing a lot on it but it just felt so clunky and the bobbin kept bunching and some minor faults that kept bothering me. i tried to ignore these minor flaws until our first sewing club meeting and saw S's sewing machine. she had the brother project runway higher end model that looked so sleek and purred like a dream. i couldnt help comparing hers to a rolls royce while mine puttered along like a honda.

add this incident to my mom constantly telling me to invest a little more money to get a better machine or ill regret it. regretting sucks in hindsight does it not? also it was rather coincident that prudent mama posted this morning about sewing machine recommendations and the particular machine i was considering was on her list- the brother cs6000i. *enter heavenly chorus sound here* AND its also on sale at amazon.com for $147.54 (list price $449).

so...i just purchased it. cant wait til thursday!


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