Friday, August 27, 2010

sewing slump

2 sundays ago i was over at my friends house for our little sewing club. i wanted to make something simple out of this really pretty fabric she got from malaysia. i didnt want to take a big chunk so i decided to make a passport cover for our upcoming trip to cancun. i always misplace my ID for some reason so i like to keep my passport handy. i used a simple tutorial from bunnybum but since i hate following directions i MESSED it up. when the whole thing was inside out i thought..."self, doesnt this look too big for my passport?" so i cut almost an inch off the top and then turned it right side out and finished it up. i put my passport into the sleeve and it was too small. ARGHHH!! i didnt think about the seam allowance. im a dummy and i should not question someones tutorial. i will try not to do that in the future. i tried to fix it by adding some bias tape like trimming around it.

i dont hate it but i was really disappointed in myself after this and i didnt touch my sewing machine for almost 2 weeks. after that slump i tried to make another passport cover with patchwork piecing following crazy mom quilts tutorial for checkbook covers. i used some scraps that teaginny had graciously given to me (for $free.99 no less!!) and made this:

i also made a rendition of the buttercup bag for one of my coworkers. she just came back from her summer long vacation in japan. i requested some cute japanese fabric from her and some popular dress books and she totally delivered! i will have to write a new post with all her goodies. for the buttercup bag, i wanted to make it a little larger than the pattern so i enlarged it to 130% but i shouldve just tried the original before trying to tinker with it. i had some problems making things fit together but it turned out pretty cute anyways. i used ikea fabric for the outer because she loves black and white and the burnt red lining makes it pop. i hope she enjoys the her new bag.


Molly @ The Creative Maven said...

LOVE that bag! I must have missed it on Rae's blog - but I want to make one for myself! :)

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