Thursday, August 5, 2010

lets start from the very beginning.

look what i made!

tissue case- my first project made from an old skirt (couldnt wait to buy fabric)

teenytiny tote- my coworker showed me the basics of making a reversible tote

first ever tote (human size)- i had another skirt that i loved but never wore. now i use it tote around my sewing machine...fits perfectly.

pencil tote- our sewing club's first project together using this tutorial from purlbee. the flower pincushion was made using this tutorial

messenger bag- i just rigged this one up without using any patterns or tutorials and loved it for a minute and then realized all the flaws and mistakes which i have learned from for my next ones. the fabric is from ikea which is actually a print of a huge grumpy looking bulldog (?) on sale for $1.99.

puffy pleated pouch- tutorial from the lovely ayumi @ pinkpenguin.

reversible purse- made from following verypurpleperson's tutorial. i gave this to my mom cuz shes been wanting an LV bag for awhile now so i told her i made her something BETTER than the LV. not sure shes convinced but shes been carrying it out and shows it off to her friends.

anna's messenger bag- so much better than my first attempt. its even lined and i couldnt help embellishing it with a button and handstitched flower.
handstitching is so hard!

JJ's bag- his mom insisted on this fabric but i let him have his striped fabric for the lining.

the lovely sammy's bag- after making this one, i almost wanted to keep it for myself. i love how she didnt want the usual pink and she kept thanking me for making her one. so sweet!

our 2nd sewing club project together...the apron- learned how to make ruffles and was amazed how easy it was! still need to put pockets on this.

doll quilt- 1st birthday present for chloe made by following this tutorial by Alissa from Handmade by Alissa posted on sewmamasew's tutorials. i was pretty darn proud of the outcome of this and i even attempted some hand embroidery.

itty bitty dress- made this dress following the tutorial on Made by Rae. theres a pattern for a larger size which i wanted to make for baby Jaina's 1st birthday present but it turned out to be way too big so her older sis Janine can wear it til she can fit it. i saw Janine flaunt the dress at church a few sundays ago and i was so happy and a little embarrassed at the little flaws but its just the beginning for me and my sewing machine. cant wait to make some more.

ruffled collar- i was searching online for new projects to try and stumbled on to this awesome blog madebylex where she posts on how to embellish your boring ol' tshirts into jazzy little numbers. she even has tutorials inspired by anthropologie and jcrew tops.

laptop sleeve- finally purchased an acer netbook after much research and price comparison (thanks peter!) i got the acer aspire one 532h-2326 for only $295 on i was contemplating making a case for it even before it was delivered cuz im all about keeping things like new (im asian i cant help it) so i found this tutorial from Amy a la Mode. i quilted the top with just random width stitches and it turned out better than i thought.

puppy dress for hope- i see all these blogs out there where moms lovingly make these pretty dresses for their daughters and i thought hey! i can make one for my lovely puppy Hope. its my first attempt at shirring with elastic thread and it was easier than i thought. i followed shirring directions from this tutorial by Melissa from Kuky Ideas. she does these great cartoon drawings of her everyday adventures.

cross body purse- i am totally in love with crossbody bags of all types...especially the small kind that i can fit just the essentials- iphone, keys, wallet, chapstick. i just whipped this one up and its pretty awesome, especially since i can use it everyday. i used hair elastic for the button closure and buttons from my bag o'buttons ive been collecting. the edges are a bit wonky but its all good.

camera case wristlet- ok so heres the story. im pretty frugal when it comes to buying anything so i try to find bargains or i just dont buy it at all. ive been coming across this cute case from so many blogs that i was becoming obsessed with it. i would go to keyka lou's blog everyday and admire the simplicity and utter cuteness of the wristlet but the pattern for it cost $6. i was torn. i wanted it so bad but couldnt justify spending money on a pattern that i may or may not make. after a few days and much to my coworkers' amusement i hunkered down and bought the pdf file for the pattern. i printed the sucker out and made this that night. it wasnt as easy as the other projects ive worked on but it turned out ok for my first. i didnt use the correct interfacing so the case is a bit wonky around the edges and a teeny bit crooked but its still super cute. the main fabric was given to me by our sewing teacher/guru and ive been saving it for something special. i need to make some more as gifts so i can practice my stitchery.


choirrific said...

i still remember jj's comment when i asked him about it: "IT'S NOT A PURSE!" :)

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