Saturday, August 14, 2010

look what i made: pleated purse

im taking a little break from the camera cases because they are not turning quite as i imagined. maybe i need a little more practice since they are smaller projects that require a more detailed stitchery. so i found my next project to work on...the pleated purse.

there are many many tutorials online with super cute purses but i happened to fall on this simple free pattern by my spare time. i didnt even have to copy a pattern. her instructions are pretty short and pictures are hand-drawn which made me have to read and reread her instructions a few times so i wouldnt make any mistakes. im more of a visual learner i guess because i hate reading instructions let alone follow them. it took me a few nights working on this but i managed to crank it out. the only change i made to her instructions was the inside pockets. i made one just for my iphone and made a little velcro strap to close it because my phone tends to slide out because its so heavy.

*sidenote. i bought the outside fabric on tuesday at hobby lobby just because it looked so cute and the polka dots matched so well. later that day i found the tutorial for this bag and lo and behold her bag was made from the same exact fabric. serendipity. haha. cant wait to make some more of these bags. i think i want the body to be a bit longer and not as wide and maybe try a different interface because the inside is a bit too stiff. hopefully after some use it will soften up. i might try to make a matching wallet to this bag next.


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