Tuesday, August 17, 2010

my first giveaway win!

recently, as i have been scavenging the web for tutorials and ideas on new projects, i found that a lot of the popular blogs have "giveaways" to their faithful readers. i gave it a try and its so addicting like those fishbowls you see at restaurants where you fill out a form or drop in your business card and hope to win something. basically all you have to do is leave a comment or follow/subscribe to their blogs and its all very simple except for the actual winning part. after numerous failed attempts, i was thinking maybe this was all rigged or im just unlucky...until...

I WON SOMETHING!!! and its a really nice something. alexis from madebylex who makes these really cute tshirt reconstructions had a giveaway and i won one of her ruffled tshirts. i was a bit worried cuz the tshirt size was a small but it fits and the colors are so...chic. its basically cut up strips of fabric bunched up and sewn on but she makes it look so nice. she is definitely gifted. i need to try making more tshirts and not worry too much about being too neat and perfect. they look cooler and more anthropologie-esque when you just start slapping things together.


emedoodle said...

Well I have to say, that maybe you should keep trying for those giveaways! You won mine! :) You were the second name to be drawn, therefore you've won a set of notecards with scraps & directions for quilted cards. Please send me an email with your address to: emedoodle(at)yahoo(dot)com


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